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We are snow removal specialists in Chicago and handle a variety of local area residential and commercial properties.
Our years of industry experience have provided us with vast knowledge of the best snow removal methods, allowing us to serve our clients under any circumstances, whatever snow removal may be required.
We serve all Chicago residents as well as those of nearby suburban areas
We have a variety of clients that already rely on us for snow and ice removal, and we welcome you to check out their latest testimonials about our snow removal services company
We have plenty of experience in working with varied individuals and companies in the past, making us one of the leading snow removal companies in Chicago.
We offer free estimates and we transparently provide pricing information prior to beginning the project.
We respond to your message or your call within minutes. We are aware that our customers require help, and sometimes that need is urgent. You can rely on us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!


McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Service is a local, skilled and licensed company in Chicago. We will reduce any issues that you may have with ice or snow damage. Thanks to our many years of experience, our professionals will deliver quick and professional snow removal service to you. Our staff is here to ensure that everything will run seamlessly during your snow removal process, and they will collaborate with you until everything is completely resolved.

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Hire us to avoid any ice and snow removal issues during the winter snow time
We help home and business owners remove all snow and ice from their properties in winter, to make it safe and secure, and avoid damage. Contact us to learn more about our services, so you can rest assured that when the snow comes, our crew will be there!
Reliable 24/7 snow and ice removal services
We understand how challenging a sudden and fierce winter storm can be. We want to help lessen the negative impact snow and ice storms can have on your home or business. We do this by having an ice and snow removal team on standby, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week during the winter season or any other time. We are ready to assist you as soon as you get in touch with us via our emergency line.

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Property owners are aware that ice and snow will cause damage if not removed properly during winter months. McKinley Snow Removal provides snow removal services to ensure the safety of your business or home, we will remove all necessary ice and snow.


We can tailor our snow plowing service to suit your needs for snow removal from your parking areas, sidewalk, driveway, entrances, and roofs. We provide our services using the appropriate equipment which includes various plow sizes and a well-trained team.


Snow shoveling service focuses on cleaning up your driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Our team will clean each surface and manually remove all of the snow. We can handle any snow shoveling job efficiently and quickly, thanks to the high-quality snow removal equipment at our disposal.


Unwanted accidents can be prevented by clearing snow off walkways. For our customers’ safety, we provide snow blowing service to maintain patios, walkways, and decks snow and ice free in quite an efficient and timely manner.

Commercial snow removal

The safety of your customers, associates, and business employees, is our number one goal. We ensure your property is cleared of any snow or ice accumulation that may develop during a winter snowstorm as one manner to achieve our goal. We will remove the snow punctually and efficiently.

Residential snow removal

We are familiar with Chicago winters and comprehend the need to clear snow and provide quality snow removal service throughout the entire winter. Our professional snow removal team clears snow and de-ices residential properties, sidewalks and driveways to maintain safety for these homes.


Ice dams prevent the melted ice from draining off your roof, triggering significant roof damage. Ice dams may also potentially damage your home’s interior. We provide professional ice dam removal service that will secure your building and prevent damage to it.


Keep your commercial and residential property safe to use all winter season by hiring a professional roof snow removal service to help. Accumulating snow can increase the risk of roof damage, ice dams and leaks in addition to injuries caused by ice falling on passers-by.


Whether it be residential or commercial, our job is maintaining your property’s accessibility and safety. Between our salting services and proper equipment we can assure you remain safe from any snow inconvenience during the winter months. Salting is a simple solution that is proven and efficient.


Every now and then you require fast ice or snow removal service to prevent damage to your house or even suddenly and unexpectedly block your property. Our team is local, based in Chicago. We are licensed, bonded and insured and we provide complete snow removal services to commercial and residential properties in Chicago and the surrounding area. We are at your service 24 hours a day in order to be here for you when you most need it. Our team of professionals reacts quickly, allowing you to rest assured that your property will obtain the care it requires to ensure your structure remains intact.

When your property requires snow removal, contact McKinley Snow Removal Services in Chicago any time of night or day then just observe as the experts get to work on snow removal you can rely on McKinley's experienced team.

Here at McKinley we offer complete snow removal services for residential and commercial customers.

Our team will handle ice and snow removal in both
easy and hard to access areas like

Parking lots

If you require snow removal service and your property has any difficult to access spaces, be certain to tell us about it!

Advantages of choosing McKinley

Snow Removal Services

Unparalleled knowledge, commitment, skill, and planning
Tailored snow removal programs
Weather tracking
Compliance with all local regulations
No interruption of site operations
Consolidated services in one single program
Additional visibility, control, and budget predictability
Reducing your liability risk and exposure
Reducing ice and snow spending


When snow on residential and commercial buildings’ roofs melts, freezes, and melts again, the melting snow and ice may find its way inside the property and cause damage rather quickly. Ice forms in between the interior and exterior of the roof and basically creates a dam, causing the meltwater to back up and slowly trickle into your property. At McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services, we utilize special ice dam steamers to offer you high-quality ice dam removal that does not interfere with the structural integrity of your building. If any damage is caused by the ice dam, we serve our customers ice damming insurance policy. For additional information about ice dam removal click here. LEARN MORE

Why Should You Hire Professionals For Snow Removal Service?

The snow may look beautiful, but it can cause headaches and stress and headaches in terms of its removal. Eliminating snow without the help of professionals may cause minor or major accidents, varied forms of injury but can also take up valuable time. For business owners and homeowners, getting rid of all the snow around their property may become a tedious job. Consequently, the best option for your personal and commercial properties is to hire expert snow removal services. Our team utilizes effective and advanced equipment to expedite the snow removal process. No matter if there is record-breaking snowfall or simply a standard snow that comes each year, our team is well equipped to deal with any snowfall incident. Hire our professional Mckinley Snow Removal Services and receive an affordable and efficient deal. Contact us to go over the services you are seeking with one of our specialists!

In the majority of cases, excessive snowfalls trigger the need for specific machines and snow removal tools.

Thanks to our varied years of experience, we are aware that high quality work is always accompanied by high quality equipment. For this reason, here at McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services we utilize high quality tools like:

  • snow plows
  • snow roof rakes
  • professional snow shovels
  • snow blowers
  • ice dam steamers
  • salt spreaders
  • quality salt and sand
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