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The winter season in general is not kind to roofs. Your roof has to contend with strong winds, heavy snowfalls, and icy temperatures. Now add an ice dam to the mix, which will add additional strain to your roof and can endanger the structural integrity of your shingles, gutters, and eaves. Once this occurs it..

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Snow and ice can be a major concern for many property owners and property managers alike. It is important to deal with these elements rather quickly to prevent a buildup which can compromise the safety of the property. When it comes to the correct way of dealing with ice and snow cleaning, it is hard..

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Snowfall is a regular occurrence in the winter seasons of most of North America. Do you typically take care of snow removal immediately or do you tend to procrastinate a little? Discover the risks of delayed removal and why working with professional snow removal companies could be more beneficial than doing it yourself. Liability and..

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Ice dams grow steadily and silently, as snow accumulates on top of your roof, on an icy winter’s day. It happens even without you becoming aware of it. Your home is warm and comfortable, whilst the temperature outside is falling to temperatures below freezing. The real enemy in this scenario is the warm air escaping..

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