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Ice build-up on the roof is inevitable for a Chicago property owner. Snow accumulation is not as problematic as our businesses and homes are built to accommodate snow. On the other hand, ice can be a major issue. Ice may fall to the ground, damaging property and injuring people. It may also cause winter leaks and ice damming. With numerous years of industry experience, McKinley Snow Removal Services can assist in preventing damage to your property with roof ice dam removal services in the Chicago area.

Ice and water membranes and stack roof vents have been introduced into the industry rather recently, greatly reducing the ice-damming problem. However, it does still occur on certain buildings. This is generally the fault of poor attic venting, inadequate attic insulation, complex roof profiles that encourage pockets of ice to accumulate, or lack of an ice membrane under the shingles. If you observe a significant ice accumulation in the eaves of your roof, you should immediately contact a professional roofer to have it removed. When getting rid of ice dams, never attempt roof ice dam removal yourself, because you could cause significant property damage or even become seriously injured. Ice can release at any moment, with no warning at all and with strong force.

If you are regularly experiencing ice-damming problems, you should get in touch with McKinley Snow Removal Services to find out any long-term solutions are available.

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We comprehend that removing ice as soon as it lands is the ideal way to prevent ice dams. But in reality, merely removing the ice one time may not be enough. Although the removal of ice may help slow ice dam growth on your roof, it may not completely prevent it. Consequently, continual removal maintenance should be performed throughout the winter as a preventative measure.

Applying ice melt and rock salt on your roof will cause damage to your shingles. We do not recommend the application of any salt or other melting products in your gutters or on your roof.

Utilizing a roof rake to remove ice from your building is not a safe method for ice dam removal. This process is dangerous and may put you at risk for injury from falling ice or slipping on the icy surface below. Ice dams are not worth putting yourself at risk. Get in touch with us and have your ice dams removed properly and safely.

Ice dams are common and can happen to any roof. There are a number of factors that may cause them. A few of the most common reasons are the angle of your roof, low ventilation in the attic (hot temperature), radiant heat from the sun, and fluctuating temperatures.


When the snow on residential and commercial buildings’ roofs melts, freezes, and melts again, the melting snow and ice may make its way inside your property and cause damage quickly. The ice that forms in between the interior and exterior of the roof basically creates a dam that causes the melted water to back up and trickle into the property. At McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services we exclusively utilize an ice dam steamer for the getting rid of ice dams. Steaming ice dams contributes to ensuring your roof is not damaged. Our powerful steam also means it will not be necessary that you pay for unnecessary hours of ice dam removal. Our ice dam steamers melt ice much faster than the common hot-water squirt guns that can inadvertently soak your roof with risky amounts of water and create additional issues. We serve our customers ice damming insurance policy in case of any ice dam damage.


Significant Damage to Your Property

The most pressing dangers of ice dams are substantial damage to your downspouts, shingles, and gutters. As the meltwater seeps underneath and freezes, shingles can start to separate from the roof allowing ice and water easier access to your property. Downspouts and gutters have comparable issues where the weight and expansion of the ice may cause them to be ripped off of your home or damaged. The more time ice dams remain in place, the greater the threat they pose to your property.

Melting Ice May Leak Into Your Property

Ice continues to accumulate on your roof all winter long, melting and refreezing along the edge of your roof and as the ice dam increases in size. Moisture from this heavy block of ice may begin to slowly seep below your shingles, damaging both interior rooms and building materials, from your attic and any belongings being stored there to your insulation. Under certain circumstances, damage from this meltwater may also appear in your ceilings and walls and ceilings.

Mold Growth In Your Home

Moisture and leakage do not just lead to water damage but can also cause mold growth. Water seeping in from the ice dam could dampen the building materials in your home, which may in turn lead to mold damage as well. You may be unaware of the mold problem until it is too late as mold is often growing in an area of your home that you do not normally see.

Injury or Death Risks

Property damage is not the only thing you have to worry about when dealing with ice dams. There is an additional risk of injury and possibly death for any bystander loitering below a sharp icicle that may break off and fall to the ground. The ice dam may have heavy chunks of ice or built-up snow fall as well, which may potentially cause just as much damage as sharp icicles as they fall. Your home type is another factor in the level of danger an ice dam poses. Homes with more stories can cause significantly more damage due to the height of any falling debris.

Advantages of Professional
Roof Ice Dam Removal Services

Protect your roof, your property and you
Removing ice from the roof is a dangerous task. If you do not possess the appropriate tools and experience, you might further damage the roofing system or even worse, fall and hurt yourself. Our professional ice removal service has skilled and trained personnel in addition to the proper equipment to complete the job correctly, efficiently, and safely.

Ice creates slippery conditions which can increase the risk of accidents and injuries to both property occupants and visitors. An experienced ice removal service greatly reduces the likelihood of such accidents and your liabilities as well.

Provides peace of mind
Rest assured your roof will be cleared of ice within a reasonable timeframe, therefore minimizing the risk of early roof replacement or expensive repairs in addition to potential injuries from falling ice.

Preserve the lifespan of your roof
Ice buildup may damage your gutters, shingles, and building structure (by triggering leaks in your ceiling, walls, and attic). It can also slow or stop attic ventilation which can in turn cause needlessly expensive utility bills. Maintaining your roof free of ice assists in minimizing overall winter and specific ice dam damage and prolongs its life while enhancing your energy efficiency and comfort at the same time.


How To Prevent The Ice Dams?

Building Design

Design a structure that can minimize potential problem areas. Rebuilding your home may not be sensible if it is already built, so our ice removal services Chicago are always ready to help.


Stop heat migration by having a good thermal barrier to prevent ice dams. Keep attic space temperature close to the outside. Properly install attic insulation with at least an R-38 rating.


Install insulation with adequate airflow for a natural thermal convection loop. This pulls out moist, warm air while bringing in cool, dry air from soffit locations.

Self Adhering Underlayment

During roofing, install self-adhering underlayment at eaves, valleys, and protrusions. Apply at least 3 courses (9') at warm wall horizontal eaves to prevent water infiltration.

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