Snow and ice can be a major concern for many property owners and property managers alike. It is important to deal with these elements rather quickly to prevent a buildup which can compromise the safety of the property. When it comes to the correct way of dealing with ice and snow cleaning, it is hard to distinguish between fact and fiction. Some of the flawed methods may not cause much harm, however a completely incorrect approach could lead to property damage or even serious injury. No one wants to put themselves or their property at unnecessary risk, therefore it’s important to know exactly how to manage snow and ice effectively.

The McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services list of the top 7 snow and ice managements myths:
Top 7 Busted Ice and Snow Removal Myths

Using More De-Icer Makes the Job Easier

De-icer needs to be used sparingly. By using an excessive amount, it will create a slushy mess which causes more harm than good. Pathways covered in slush can be extremely slippery, which makes using lots of de-icer completely pointless. Another drawback of using excessive de-icer is the harm this can cause to plants and your lawn. A better approach would be to use a prevention method. Pre-treat selected surfaces like pathways, before ice has a chance to form and bond to the surface.

Shoveling is Not Required When Using De-Icer to Melt Snow

De-icers are not meant to melt snow and clear a driveway, so rather save your money. Their actual use is to assist with keeping walkways clear of dangerous ice, but only if used correctly. A de-icer is not a magic solution that will melt and clear snow from your driveway or walkways. Any buildup of snow or slush will need to be cleared by hand, this means that for actual snow removal, shoveling is required – unfortunately.

Using Hot Water as A De-Icer

It may seem like a quick solution, but do not go this route as it’s a bad idea. You really are just creating more ice, as hot water will cool pretty quickly and freeze. In fact, under certain conditions, hot water freezes faster compared to cold water. This is called the Mpemba effect. Using hot water as a de-icer can form black ice, which greatly increases the risk of injury that can occur on your property.

Kitty Litter and Sand Are Great Alternatives to De-Icers

Not true. Sand and cat litter have no effect on the composition of snow or ice, other than making more of a mess. Where sand and litter can come in handy is to create some extra traction for motorized vehicles to drive on or get out of a slippery situation. Snow plow services tend to make use of a mixture of sand and salt on roads. The salt melts the ice, where the sand helps to create more traction for cars, making it a little safer on the roads. Don’t waste your time scattering sand and kitty litter on your sidewalks when you have run out of de-icer.

Ice and Snow Removal Is Best Done at Night

Ice and snow removal done at night may seem like a practical idea, but there is a better approach. This myth really comes from the fact that traffic is less at night and parking lots tend to be empty. Even though this is true, the easier snow cleaning approach would be to remove snow when it’s falling or just after. This is the time when snow is still loose and easier to clear. Clearing snow and ice during the daytime will also result in having clearer driveways and pathways by the time night falls. With less snow and water runoffs being present in the dead of night, there is also less to freeze.

Letting Snow Melt on Its Own Is Better Than Physically Removing Snow

In some parts of the country snowfall can occur, only to be followed almost immediately by a clear and sunny sky. In this case folks tend to let the sun take care of the snow cleaning through the melting process. The problem really comes in when not all the water has evaporated by the time the sun goes down. The cold night temperature can easily cause black ice to form all over your property to greet you by morning. The correct approach in this case would be to take care of the ice and snow removal yourself, or get in snow removal services, straight after the snowfall occurs. By removing most of the snow and ice immediately, the sun will quickly take care of the remaining moisture.

Professional Snow Plowing or Residential Snow Removal Services Are Costly

This is arguably the most common misconception we come across in our line of work. This myth also explains why companies wait for too long before they hire professional snow plowing services. Homeowners also tend to shy away from hiring the professionals to deal with residential snow removal. They often feel that they can handle it themselves, especially in recent times where snowfall has seen lower averages. Many property owners are not aware that snow removal companies can structure snow removal services based on varying levels of service. This allows homeowners and businesses alike to choose service levels that work for them whilst keeping costs low. Letting the professionals deal with the residential snow removal tasks frees up lots of your valuable time, which you can now dedicate to other important areas of your life. This benefit alone makes contracting out snow cleaning a cost-effective solution.

Let Snow Management Services Keep Your Property Safe and Clear This Winter

McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services has been the preferred snow management company hundreds of commercial and residential property owners have turned to over the years. It’s all in the planning. Make sure to identify your snow and ice management requirements, how to efficiently deal with this build up and ways to limit the associated safety risks. In the event of snow, fast action is required to ensure that the parking lots and sidewalks are safe and not hotspots for accidents and injuries. The team at McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services is known for their excellent response time, regardless of the weather conditions at the time of receiving your call. Part of our service is the removal of snow off the premises, keeping your property or business looking its best.

We will gladly discuss your residential or commercial requirements and help you to plan ahead this winter. Get in touch with our friendly team today or visit our website for further information.