Every winter in Chicago is certain to bring a number of snowstorms that require snow plowing afterwards. However,  what exactly can you do after the snow on your property has been plowed? This snow must be somehow stored somewhere. Certain properties have an appropriate space where all of the snow may be pushed and the sun can then melt it. Other properties do not have a potential space in which to store on-site snow.  Storing snow may even carry a large amount of liability risk for the property owners.  If there is not enough space to store the plowed snow on-site in a safe manner, it is better to have snow removal professionals haul it away.

Below are a few reasons why you should consider having snow hauled off your Chicago commercial property:
Why Storing Snow Piles on Your Property Does Not Make Sense
1. Snow Piles May Obstruct Vision & Cause Accidents
Snowstorms with comparatively little snow accumulation can also create major snow piles once the snow plows are finished. Snow piles can easily impede someone’s view, stopping them from being able to see pedestrians, other vehicles, or stop signs. Snow piles should never be placed near street corners, handicap accessibility areas, exits/entrances to your building or property or other places where the obstruction of someone’s view may cause accidents – or even prevent emergency services from safely doing their job.

2. Snow Piles Create Icy Conditions
Perhaps even more dangerous than the obstruction of someone’s view, snow piles may also cause icy conditions that can trigger injuries or accidents. In daytime conditions, the sun can cause snow piles to begin melting and creating water runoff and puddles. This becomes an issue at night when temperatures lower will freeze this runoff, forming a thin sheet of black ice on parking lots, sidewalks, and anywhere else where the water has run.  Snow piles may even take months to completely melt, meaning you may have to deal with these icy dangers for quite some time.

3. Snow Piles Are a Hazard if Played On
Especially for kids, playing in the snow is so much fun. But, playing on snow piles may be an incredibly dangerous activity. Snow piles frequently have air pockets or soft spots into which people may fall.  Walking on them may cause snow piles to completely collapse. Slips or falls can also happen easily when attempting to climb snow piles. As much fun as they may have, it is not worth the risk involved.  It is best not to allow people to play on snow piles on your property.

4. Snow Piles Negatively Affect the Appearance of Your Property
You have likely invested considerable effort and time ensuring your property is attractive and welcoming.  Several different elements may distract from the curb appeal of a property and a mountain of dirty snow piled in the parking lot’s corner is at the top of the list.  Commercial snow removal can assist your business in standing out from your neighbors by showing that you are willing to go the extra mile by ridding your property of snow piles because you care about its appearance.

5. Snow Piles May Affect Your Bottom Line
Snow piles are not only unsightly and dangerous – they may even additionally affect your business. In the absence of a suitable snow storage place, you might consider simply leaving it in a corner of your parking lot. This could block the entrance to priceless parking spaces, causing the loss of potential customers if the rest of the lot happens to be full. If people do not feel safe walking on your property, snow piles may also frighten away business.

Unsure of What to Do with Snow Piles on Your Property?
The professionals at McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services know just what to do to maintain your property absent of ice, snow piles, and accident risk during even the most severe of Chicago winters. We provide a wide range of snow removal & de-icing services, including sidewalk management, off-site snow hauling, snow plowing services, and winter risk planning. McKinley will ensure your property is ready, whatever the winter weather throws at it. To find out what McKinley Ice & Snow Removal Services, a leader among snow removal companies, can accomplish for your Chicago business or commercial property, call us or reach out to us online to begin.