The Risks of Delayed Snow Removal

Snowfall is a regular occurrence in the winter seasons of most of North America. Do you typically take care of snow removal immediately or do you tend to procrastinate a little? Discover the risks of delayed removal and why working with professional snow removal companies could be more beneficial than doing it yourself.

Liability and Safety Concerns

Slippery conditions on walkways are caused by snow and ice. Serious injuries could befall someone close to you if they slip and fall. Consider the risk of your business being sued if someone slips and falls on the walkways of your business premises.
After a storm, promptly clear the snow off your walkways as soon as possible to prevent the thaw and freeze cycle to create a layer of dangerous ice. Everyone who enters and exits your property will be safer as a result of this.

Preserving Your Health

You may become aware of a storm heading your way, with several inches of snow being predicted to fall. Rather take care of the snow removal before the storm hits. This way, once the storm has passed, you only have to take care of the new snow build up and not of the older layer as well. Take care of yourself by rather taking care of lighter snow removal twice, than one highly intensive job. You may prevent straining your back or even prevent a heart attack if you are currently experiencing health issues.

Loss of Business

If you run a business, clients may not be able to reach your premises if your snow removal is not taken care of. Avoid loss of business by making your property accessible to your customers.

Overloaded Roof Collapse Prevention

The amount of snow that a roof is rated to support is called the snow load. This load ability is specified for buildings in colder areas. Based on the temperature and the snow that is normally encountered in that area, local construction rules stipulate the amount of snow weight the roof is generally able to cope with. An extra-heavy snowfall may exert too much strain on a roof that it could be in danger of collapse. This can be especially true for older or deteriorating roofing structures. As the cycle of thawing and freezing can transform light snow into much heavier ice, the weight on your roof gradually increases. Therefore, it is crucial to engage snow removal services as soon as possible. After a severe storm, taking immediate action may prevent a total roof collapse.

Professional Snow and Ice Removal Services

It is advisable to leave snow and ice removal to the professionals, more so if you have a sizable home or business property. Snow removal companies have the necessary tools to remove snow fast and safely from your roof, parking lot, walkways, or driveway. Hiring a specialist to complete the task guarantees your own safety and the work will get done fast and efficiently.

Don’t delay the management of your snow removal until after another big storm arrives. Contact McKinley Snow & Ice Removal Services today to arrange for your business or residential snow removal services. You’ll thank yourself for planning ahead once the next storm arrives.

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